Technology and Relationships

I’ve learned that you cant trust people, especially the ones you love. It’s so sad to say that people change, and hurt each other by their behaviors. People tend to point fingers rather than take their own inventory, and see their part in matters. Relationships should be balanced and accepting who that person is. They aren’t one sided or for you to mold that person to fit your needs and that person should be able to voice their opinion  without being looked down on. I feel that its so hard these days to find that special someone that really wants to be in a relationship. When people are single they keep looking for that special someone to spend with them and bring happiness into their lives. Yes~ you will have some disagreements and fights, but the main key is forgivess and understanding. This person is chosing to be with you because they love you. I feel that some people get to comfortable there for  dont put the effort they once did in the first months  of dating. They find that the person gives them all they need and doesn’t find the need, or effort to give back in return.

Isn’t ironic, when two people first fall in love, they put more into a relationship than they usually would?  They make them selves available, and they want to spend every moment with that person? They tell that person all the things they want to hear so they feel special.

Then after time, a persons defect of character start to surface. You see their true self start to emerge. They aren’t as available and tend to say hurtful things that you wouldn’t tell them. They even cuss you out, which questions why your even with them?  Then you notice you aren’t as important in their lives, and you don’t feel the connection that you once had. Facebook and other Social media becomes more important in their lives, and your left giving  your attention to someone who puts you on the back burner…

Why does this happen?

I for one blame technology. Yes, ~ Technology has brought us a lot off good things in life but I also have seen the flip side due to it as well.   Social media for one is on the top of my list, such as Facebook. It  gets in the way of our daily life ,and becomes more important than whats happening in front of you. Speaking for myself, I remember the day when there wasn’t cell phones , texting, or computers. We actually went outside and interacted with others without that distraction.

Conversations on a landline telephone where more personal then. There where no interruptions with notifications going off with your smart phone. No text messages distracting you from a conversation that you where having with someone.

People didn’t walk down the street like zombies staring into small screen…They actually looked up and smiled or said hi as you passed by.   You went out to dinner and you didnt see people looknig at their smart phones, instead of interacting in a conversation.  How many times have you driven down the street and noticed the car beside you is talking or texting on the phone?

Think about it….

It just makes me sad how society has changed and I hope it doesn’t get worse.


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