“Nobody should be judged on their looks. Beauty is not found on the body but in the soul. The only thing the media has done is change the definition of the word. I mean being attractive may make it easier to catch some one but being kind and loving is how you keep some one. Also with make up its like putting on a mask some masks are creative and fun most others are just used to cover who you really are up. Be yourself.”
― Danyon Guthrie-lewis


Grateful for today

Reflecting today on what a good life I have. A couple of months back I had a tumor in my bladder. It was a scary time in my life and it would be to anyone. I’m so grateful for my family and friends who supported me through it all. It’s so nice feeling loved when your scared and trying to be strong. I’m so grateful for my ex wife, taking me to the hospital and staying with me when there was no one around. It’s not a common thing to have such loving support from your ex and her husband.

Life is a blessing and I’m so happy to have great loving people in my life.  So today I want to get out and enjoy life. Getting outside and enjoying what’s out there. I wish you all good things in life and stay with positive people who bring you up in hard times.