Boston Terrier Meet-up Groups

If you’re looking to socialize your dog(s) and meeting new people,

I can suggest looking up dog meet ups in your neighborhood.

I found this one on Facebook, San Jose Boston Terrier Group a couple of months ago.

Jail break!!!

There’s nothing more fun then being outdoors, and watching your pups have a great time. This one happened to be a Halloween Meet-up, which was a perfect opportunity, to snap some fun Photos..

Excuse me Sir, Have you seen the watering hole?

Lets Play

Dog parks are always a hit or miss when interacting with other dogs.

It’s the owners I worry about, not being responsible and paying attention to their family member(s) while off leash.


We had a bad experience from a dog attacking my dog. The owner of the dog had no clue, that if your dog isn’t friendly, it shouldn’t be attending public areas and off leash!

So I searched for alternative fun activities we can explore, and I’m sure glad we did.

Wishing you all a safe and fun Halloween 

Boston Terrier Derby

Peanut and Buddha


2 thoughts on “Boston Terrier Meet-up Groups

  1. Aren’t BT meet ups so fun!? We go every month since we got our lil dude! Can I just say, it’s amazing that people don’t get it. if your dog isn’t socialized, work on that before you let him/her loose in a leash free zone. The last meet-up we went to our pup was bitten on the face, and not in play by, an in-tact (?) dog that was trying to hump any and EVERYTHING in the dog park that day. Our lil guy hasn’t had the big snip yet, he’s almost 6 month, and I guess the dog saw him as a threat, so I was told by the owner. Weird because, he’s so much smaller and in behavior, submissive, still learning social skills. He just wanted to play and got chomped on, not cool. Are those your Boston’s at the bottom?

    • I agree so much with you!! Im so happy to hear that you attend with your lil dude once a month as well. So sorry to hear about your pup getting bitten on the face. 😦 This is a great example, that dog owners need to be more responsible with their dog! They need to think of others, and their loved pets. After Peanut, my older Boston of 11 months was attacked. He is still very submissive to any dog. He will go directly into a submissive drop (belly up ) on any contact with another dog. I hope time helps and he can play like a normal pup. I really appreciate your comments and thank you. Wishing you and your family, wonderful holidays!! In reply to your question about the two Bostons at the bottom. Yes , they are both mine. 🙂 Peanut, on the left and Buddha, on the right 🙂

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