Nothing compares to a dogs love

     Im a 43 year old single father with two beautiful kids. I dated a woman for a long time and things didn’t work out. I feel that Im a failure and I wish for companionship, a love of my life to grow old with. The only company I share time with are my kids, who visited me a couple of times a week.  Im grateful for that, as there teenagers and still want to hang out with dad.  In between visits Im alone after coming home from work which is nice sometimes.  It does get old and I love to be social and not a loner.   Image

 Five months ago I brought home a beautiful Red Boston Terrier.  It was a joy to come to that excitement in his eyes to see me.  It changed my life 100 percent from being depressed to feeling needed and wanted again.


     I always loved to do things but it gets boring with out another. Now having my puppy         ( Peanut )  I can go to dog parks and walks around the lake near my house while Im enjoying nature and his company.  Don’t get me wrong, Its would be nice to have a woman to share a life with!  Im just waiting for God to put that in my path when its time.  For now, Its nice to have that unconditional love that Peanut shares with me. Its nice to not be lied to, manipulated , taken advantage of, or being ignored when you give your heart to someone.  I just wanted to share this and hope I can help someone in the same situation.  Theres a lot of dogs out there that need to be rescued. They all need your love and they have so much love to give in return.. Image


12 thoughts on “Nothing compares to a dogs love

    • Thank you so much! I can see why you have three 🙂 I had to get another four months back, and Im sure glad I did!! I love your artwork, it’s so beautiful. Im looking forward to more of your posts. (Especially the Boston’s 😉

    • I appreciate you sharing that! I wish I had more room in my home for more dogs. Two is just right for now until I get a bigger place. There is so much love they offer, which brings out the best in people. I noticed from my experience, people who have dogs are more open hearted and tend to be more friendly. 🙂

  1. Great post and what a good-lookin’ dawg! Love the second photo in particular-I am sure he is tremendous company for you-I have three and it is never dull-Thanks too for stopping by Move the Chair-I appreciate you taking the time to look-

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